UltraSeven front view


UltraSeven was the third Allies of Justice figure to be released, in November, 1971, along with the Ultra Guard Crew figure. UltraSeven consists of a cloth costume, silver boots, mask, and red molded hands. These cupped hands are almost identical to the later Henshin Cyborg Lion Maru hands, except the wrist pegs are a clear whitish color as opposed to the opaque grey of the Lion Maru version. There are two Henshin Cyborg versions of this character as well; a regular vinyl version and a slightly upgraded vinyl version. These are referred to as UltraSeven 1st and UltraSeven 2nd. Both feature a vinyl costume and red gloves. The difference between the two Henshin versions lies in the upper chest portion of the costume. One version is a flat grey plastic, while the other is reflective silver and includes gold highlights.

UltraSeven, the TV show, aired from October 1st, 1967 to September 8th, 1968. UltraSeven was the successor to the original Ultraman series and was supposed to be the last show featuring an Ultraman. However, the series was revived in 1971 with Return of Ultraman.

UltraSeven side view