TAC Team Leader - Front View

Terrible Monster Attacking Crew (TAC) Team Leader

The TAC Team Leader was one of a few costumes made to go on a Takara New GI Joe figure, though the costume was sold on a Henshin Cyborg card and was not part of the Allies of Justice series which preceded it. (It is fairly obvious that the costume was originally intended to be part of the Allies of Justice line. Ultraman Ace was the last Allies of Justice figure produced and packaged on a Takara New G.I. Joe body, in May of 1972.)

The TAC Team Leader is from the Ultraman Ace series, which debuted April 4th, 1972 and aired until March 30th, 1973. It was the fourth Ultra show, featuring the fifth Ultraman, Ultraman Ace (the other four were Ultraman, Ultraman Zoffy (who appeared in the original Ultraman series), UltraSeven and New Ultraman).

TAC Team Leader - Side View