Ultraman Ace Front View

Ultraman Ace

Ultraman Ace is the only Henshin Cyborg costume that is identical to its Allies of Justice ancestor. Unless found boxed or carded, there is no practical way to tell the two apart. Ultraman Ace was based on the TV series of the same name, which ran from April 7th, 1972 until March 30th, 1973. The TAC Team Leader costume is also from this series. Ultraman Ace is the fifth Ultra Brother, following in the footsteps of Ultraman, Ultraman Zoffy, UltraSeven and New Ultraman, all of whom made frequent guest appearances on the Ultraman Ace show.

Ultraman Ace departed from the more serious sci-fi bent of previous shows and steered down the path of the science fantasy/superhero, which has become of the hallmark of all subsequent shows. Ultraman Ace was the first show that involved two people combining to transform into the namesake character, one a man and the other a woman, “giving Ace the courage of a man and a woman’s love for peace.”

Ultraman Ace Side View